Acceptance of Terms

Please take the time to read these billing rates and payment terms closely. The following are the billing rates and payment terms that govern the delivery of services provided by Early Intervention Partnerships (“EIP”) to its Clients. By accepting services from EIP, Clients agree to the following:

1.) Rates

Evaluations: evaluations are billed at a flat rate of $500 at the time of the evaluation. An invoice will be emailed to the Client at the time of intake. The evaluation fee two one hour webcam conferences - initial consultation and evaluation results, review of all video sent by family to EIP for purposes of evaluation and a detailed written report. 

Cost of all coaching and intervention services is billed at $150.00/hour which may be divided into fifteen minute increments at $37.50/15 minutes.  Frequency and length of visits is individualized for each family and child.  

2.) Invoicing and Payment Terms;  Late Fee:

Payments for EIP services are due in full within fifteen days in US dollars from the time of service.   In the event than an invoice is not paid by Client in full within 15 days of Client’s receipt thereof, EIP reserves the right to charge a late fee of 2.5% on the unpaid amount thereof for each 30 day period following such date until payment is received in full.

All clients will be offered the option to make payments at the end of each visit via Doxy.me and Stripe. 

3.) Insurance:

EIP does not make any representation or warranty about whether services provided by EIP are covered or reimbursed by any insurance policy of a Client or any other person and it is the responsibility of Clients to determine any eligibility for insurance coverage. EIP will not submit any claims on behalf or at the direction of its Clients. Notwithstanding the foregoing, EIP will provide such information and take such actions as may reasonably be requested by a Client to assist in connection with obtaining insurance coverage for EIP services.