Your personal child development expert

Early Intervention Partnerships - Partnering with parents to facilitate and support your child’s development.

Live video parent coaching and early intervention services in the comfort of your own home from my secure virtual office.


I coach families to…

Understand your child’s development and learning

Increase your child’s independence and participation in daily activities

Engage and play with your child

Expand your child’s communication skills

Guide your child’s behavior to increase cooperation

Get through the bedtime routine without tears

Help siblings play together cooperatively

Plan successful play dates and build friendships

Enjoy community outings and special events

Navigate your child’s transition to preschool or kindergarten


My Services


All EIP services are individualized and may include single services or any combination of the following:


  • Play Based Developmental Evaluations to determine your child’s unique strengths and needs.

  • Development of individualized strategies to promote your child’s communication, play, and social development within your daily routines and activities.

  • Individualized behavior solutions and plans.

  • Individualized sleep solutions and plans.



How It Works


Developmental Evaluations include 2 one-hour sessions with Dr. Wallin and review of video sent by you of your child during daily routines and activities. Cost of an Evaluation is $500.00 and includes a comprehensive written report.

Cost of all coaching and intervention services is $150.00/hour. Frequency and length of virtual visits is individualized for each family and child. Once you become and EIP client Dr. Wallin is available to address any questions or concerns in-between coaching and intervention visits via email, text or review of video uploaded to her dropbox.


About Me


Christine Wallin, Ed.D. is a registered nurse and early interventionist with more than thirty years of experience working with families with infants, toddlers and preschoolers to facilitate and support development in young children.  She is a pioneer in offering developmental and educational consulting services to families via tele-intervention by coaching families on-line in her virtual office.  Dr. Wallin believes as a parent you know your child best and are your child’s greatest advocate and teacher.  She works collaboratively with families to evaluate and facilitate development and eliminate sleep and behavior challenges in infants, toddlers and preschoolers by developing collaborative plans to meet the individual needs of each child and family.